Is Windows 11 spying on you? more than you think

Γνωρίζετε τι συμβαίνει καθώς ενεργοποιείτε έναν υπολογιστή που τρέχει Windows 11; Όπως οι κυβερνητικές υπηρεσίες και η Microsoft φαίνεται να σας παρακολουθεί.

This may not be news to some as it has been known since Windows 10 was released. However, this time it seems they have outdone themselves with this version of 11 bl

The PC Security Channel uploaded a YouTube video monitoring Windows activity via Wireshark on a brand new Windows 11 laptop.

Wireshark is a network monitoring tool that allows you to monitor, and analyze data coming and going from your system and network.

In addition to this, they also monitored a Windows XP computer to measure how the company changed its attempts to spy on you through Windows.

It turns out that a lot has changed.

If you thought that Windows starts spying on you when you connect to the Internet, think again. Windows 11 monitors everything before you start doing anything. Simply loading Windows means that your information is loaded along with it.

This information is not only going to Microsoft, but also to third parties and this is perhaps the most disturbing thing about this story.

PC Security Channel checked what kind of companies get this data.

A large portion of your activity goes to companies related to marketing and advertising, including software and anti-virus developers.

Before you send me to read some manual to disable the telemetry settings in Windows 11, consider that all this is happening with the minimal settings available. There is no way, at least no built-in way, to avoid being tracked.

How did Windows XP fare?

Pretty good. Telemetry was almost non-existent in the operating system, and the only connections it made were directed to Microsoft's servers to check for updates.

Sure, there are technological advancements every day, but our times are very challenging for people who want to safeguard their privacy. You should be constantly on the lookout since everyone is trying to get your data. The Best Technology Site in Greece
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