Windows 11 easily download the ISO

The official Windows ISO download application Media Creation Tool has several limitations from many opinions. You must run the tool in Windows, sign in to an administrator account, and download only the latest official Windows 11 ISO still image offered by Microsoft.

windows 11 iso jpg

The TechBench website makes it all the easier. It runs from a browser, which means you can access Microsoft ISOs from any browser or operating system. It does not require increased user rights, as it is a simple file download. Finally, it gives users access to more ISO images than Microsoft itself.

It currently has two ISO images for Windows 11, but there are also Windows 10. So you can download any final version of new Windows 11/10 features as an ISO.

See the page

But since we are talking about ease of downloading Windows ISO, we should also mention the tool Media Creation Tool.bat, an improved Media Creation Tool.

It has more shooting options and includes some other useful options, e.g. to bypass Windows 11 system requirements during installation.

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