Windows 11 download wallpapers

The Windows 11 is almost here with a renewed Start menu, rounded corners, new icons, new productivity features and also a collection of new wallpapers.


The new Windows 11 wallpapers come in light and dark variants and are very different from what Microsoft has been accustomed to in the last two years in Windows 10.

Some friends of the Microsoft operating system have released the wallpapers in a zip. You can download it below. The file size is very 25,2MB and contains 24 desktop / lock screen wallpapers and 8 touch keyboard wallpapers.

Of course, there may be many wallpapers that we have not yet seen and will be published when Windows 11 is officially released.

Download the wallpapers

Interestingly, these wallpapers are available in light and dark variants, indicating that the company is testing support for dynamic wallpapers, a feature we expected to see in Windows 10X.


So since Windows 10X will not be released, it is very likely that we will see the dynamic wallpapers in Windows 11. The specific images for the desktop will automatically change depending on the time of day and the clock of the device.

For example, Microsoft is working on Sun Valley wallpapers, which could be rotated morning, night, or night.

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