Windows 11 released the first build with Rust in the core

Έχει περάσει καιρός, αλλά τελικά, τα μέλη του προγράμματος Insider της Microsoft στο κανάλι προεπισκόπησης Canary έχουν μια νέα έκδοση των Windows 11 για λήψη. Το build number είναι 25905.


With this release, Microsoft is also testing a new version of the Microsoft Store for all channels of the Windows Insider program. This release includes new features in the developer channel, such as improvements to Drive Dev, Backup and Restore (Windows Backup), Dynamic Lighting, the Windows App SDK version of File Explorer, Gallery, and more.

But the point to focus on is the appearance of the Rust programming language in the kernel.

Rust offers reliability and security advantages over traditional programs written in C/C++. This preview release contains an early implementation of critical core features in Rust.

Specifically, win32kbase_rs.sys contains a new implementation of the GDI domain. Although this is a small test, Microsoft will continue to increase the use of Rust in the core.

Microsoft with this release is slowly beginning testing on select members of the Windows Insider program who follow the Canary preview channel, so the experience is not yet available to all Insiders. The company as usual intends to monitor the feedback of early users, and make fixes before proceeding with the general availability of the new kernel.

The changelog for the new Canary build is here

Download the ISO if you are interested The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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