Windows 11 what people say about Microsoft requirements

Windows 11 sets very strict security measures and require TPM 2.0, Secure Boot, and CPU officially supported by Microsoft. The company claims that all this is necessary, as security is paramount in its new operating system.

But security is also paramount for professionals and businesses, and according to an interesting study recently conducted on approximately 30 million devices from 60.000 organizations, the majority of computers can not be upgraded to Windows 11, as they were found not to meet system requirements. The research was conducted by Lansweeper and is called "Windows 11 Readiness Audit".
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Although most of these computers meet the lenient requirement of 4 GB of RAM, the majority (55,6%) do not have a CPU from the official Microsoft support list. Nearly one-fifth of computers (19,26%) did not have TPM 2.0.

Separate data presented specifically for TPM 2.0 show that about 20% of workstations and about 5% of servers do not have the required TPM.

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This is not the only recent Windows 11 survey.

Another study involving more than a thousand adult PC users in the US showed that most did not know or care about Windows 11 and most did not even want to upgrade to the next generation Windows operating system.

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