Windows 11 YES supports floppy disks

Windows 11 according to Microsoft is a significant upgrade to the modern Windows experience (10) released in July 2015.

In other words, Windows 11 is essentially an advanced version of Windows 10 but can not be installed on all devices running Windows 10 at this time, as Microsoft has changed requirements for hardware, making it impossible for some computers to run the operating system.floppy disks, iguru, Windows 11

You need new hardware to get the most out of Windows 11, although in some cases it seems that the old hardware is still working fine.

To the point:

Floppy disks still run on Windows 11 this year 2022! Obviously, old-fashioned hardware support still exists in the operating system.

A video posted to YouTube by Jrcraft shows that 5,25 ″ floppy disks are recognized by Windows 11 so Windows 11 can read their content just like Windows XP.

This should come as no surprise as Windows NT, which is the basis of the new operating system are the same for 30 years. Unless modern Windows still supports floppy disks for compatibility reasons.

But who still uses floppy disks?

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