Windows 11 more problems and incompatibilities

Problems with Windows 11, which were officially released by Microsoft on October 5 2021, slowly begin to accumulate. A post on the company's blog mentioned three problems identified by Microsoft.

Among other things, Virtualbox is not compatible. There is also some memory leak in Explore.

windows 11 problems

In AMD processors, observed also performance losses. It now turns out that some applications are causing problems due to entries in the Windows 11 registry. And it seems that Brother printers connected via USB can not print.

Microsoft lists all known issues in "Known issues”On the status page of Windows 11 (the new operating system is referred to as 21H2).

In addition to the problems we mentioned at the beginning, Bleeping Computer reports cases where the Start menu does not open after upgrading to Windows 11. There is also an error that some Windows 11 users experience with the old Windows 10 taskbar after the upgrade. Both errors are not confirmed by Microsoft.

Compatibility issues with some applications

In the list of known issues, Microsoft added another entry. There are application compatibility issues when they use certain non-ASCII characters in their registry keys.

Microsoft states:

Compatibility issues have been identified between applications that use certain non-ASCII characters in the registry keys or Windows 11 subkeys. Affected applications may not open and cause other problems or errors in Windows. This includes the ability to enable BlueScreen error.

Microsoft writes that affected registry keys with such non-ASCII characters may also be unrepairable. The problem is currently being investigated, and there is no solution yet. So Microsoft imposed a compatibility lock for these devices, during the "headache, cut head". This means that users will not be able to install Windows 11.

Brother printers do not work on USB ports

Brother printers also seem to have the problem as they cannot print on USB ports. Brother is currently testing the compatibility of printers with Windows 11 and writes:

If you cannot use a Brother machine when connecting it to a Windows 11 computer with a USB cable, we recommend that you temporarily use a different connection type, such as wired or wireless, if available.

Updating your operating system to Windows 11 may prevent your computer from:

Detect a Brother machine when connected to your computer with a USB cable.
Change the settings of a Brother machine.
Connect more Brother machines via USB.

Overall, the (92) models listed below are likely to be affected - and Brother recommends temporarily connecting printers to Windows 11 through a different method (or using printers without Windows 11).

DCP-B7500D, DCP-B7535DW, DCP-J1050DW, DCP-J1100DW, DCP-J1140DW, DCP-J1200W (XL), DCP-J572DW, DCP-L2531DW, DCP-L2535D, DCP-L2535DW, DCP-L2550 , DCP-L3510CDW, DCP-L3551D, DCP-L5500DN, DCP-T5600, DCP-T220, DCP-T310W, DCP-T420W, DCP-T510W, DCP-T520W, DCP-T710DW, DCP-T720DW, DCP-T820 -B825D, HL-B2000DW, HL-L2080D, HL-L2310D, HL-L2335DW, HL-L2350DW, HL-L2351DN, HL-L2370DW, HL-L2375DW, HL-L2376DW, HL-L2385DW, HL-2386 , HL-L2395CDN, HL-L3210CDW, HL-L3230CDW, HL-T3230DW, MFC-B3270DW, MFC-J4000DW, MFC-J7715DW, MFC-J1010DW, MFC-J1300DW, MFC-J2330DW, MFC-J2730DW, ), MFC-J3530DW, MFC-J3930DW (XL), MFC-J4340DW, MFC-J4440DW, MFC-J4540DW, MFC-J491DW, MFC-J5330DW, MFC-J5730DW, MFC-J5845, MFC-J5930 -J5945DW, MFC-J6530DW, MFC-J6545DW, MFC-J6730DW, MFC-J690DW, MFC-L6930DW, MFC-L6935DW, MFC-L6945DW, MFC-L890DW, MFC-L2710DW, MFC-L2713DW, , MFC-L2715DW, MFC-L2716CW, MFC-L2730CDN, MFC-L2750CDW, MFC-L2751CDW, MFC-L2770C DW, MFC-L2771DN, MFC-L3710DW, MFC-L3735DW, MFC-L3745DW, MFC-L3750DW, MFC-L3770CDW, MFC-L5700CDW, MFC-L5755CDW, MFC-T5900DW, MFC-T6700DW, MFC-T6900DW MFC-T8690DW

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