Windows 11 problems in File Explorer (high memory usage)

Windows 11 brings several design upgrades, but also a very serious performance problem with incredibly high memory usage.

After installing Windows 11, some users started reporting a lot of performance issues.

Η AMD confirmed the performance problem is caused by the new Windows 11 security feature, but there seems to be another error caused by the redesigned Microsoft File Explorer (Explorer.exe).windows 11 file explorer high memory

On Reddit and the company's forums, many users complain that their Windows 11 devices use extremely large amounts of memory. Thus the performance of the entire operating system is affected.

The issue seems to be caused by updating Windows 11 File Explorer.

In Windows 11, File Explorer comes with two major design changes as part of the design review: the File Explorer menu has been replaced with a command line / header that uses the Mica design, while the context menu uses the Fluent Design.

But these "improvements" in design result in high memory usage by Explorer. The process referred to as "Explorer.exe" in the Task Manager seems to reach 70-99%, and makes non-stop use of the device processor.

As users have noted, File Explorer memory usage increases each time they open File Explorer. What's particularly troubling about this problem is that Microsoft knew about it from Windows Insiders on the Dev Channel before releasing Windows 11 to everyone.

However, it seems that these reports were ignored and Windows 11 was released with a memory leak error in File Explorer.

But Microsoft says (thankfully) that it is aware of the problem and that it is preparing a fix.

In a post on the Feedback Hub, Microsoft states that "we've included changes to Build 22454 to mitigate some issues that caused leaks while using File Explorer."

Windows 11 Build 22454 was released for Insiders last month, so the fix is ​​likely to be included in the next "fixed" channel update.

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