Windows 11 Requirements Check Tool

Windows 11 Requirements Check Tool is another new portable software for Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 PCs. It compares your computer hardware to Microsoft requirements for Windows 11.

It offers a quick option to check if a computer is compatible with Windows 11.

But what sets it apart from other tools of its kind, including Microsoft's PC Health Check tool or third-party applications such as Win11 Sys Check ή Why Not Win11, is that it displays more information about incompatibilities.

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Most tools test the model and brand of the processor to see if it is in the Microsoft compatibility lists for AMD, Intel and ARM processors.

Windows 11 Requirements Check Tool does not do this, but checks the actual processor requirements and returns the result to the user.

The program checks the following features and displays instructions next to the number of cores and processing speed:

  • PAE (Physical Address Extension)
  • NX (No-eXecute)
  • SSE4.1 (Streaming SIMD Extensions 4.1)
  • LAHF (Load AH from Flags)
  • SAHF (Store AH into Flags)
  • PrefetchW
  • Virtualization-Based Security (VBS)

The program also checks if the system has a processor that supports secure boot. For TPM, it will test for the processor for TPM 2.0.

One click on an entry you see on the results screen opens a help page on the developer's website with additional information for each function.

You can download the application from here. The Best Technology Site in Greece
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