Windows 11 spyware as a service or SAAS

Windows 11: The browser war started 20 years ago and continues to this day. Microsoft Internet Explorer managed to overturn the original data, after it killed the popular Netscape, due to its integration in Windows 95. Windows 11 has Edge as its default browser, but Microsoft can no longer invest in it, since Google Chrome is available.

No, the new super weapon that comes free with Windows 11 is not the browser but Microsoft Teams. It comes preinstalled and you can not remove it. You can remove OneDrive, Office 365, new widgets, but not Teams. At least not so simple. Apparently, the app is there to help you communicate with other people or even share files with them.
microsoft teams
And this time, there is no significant opponent. Google's conferencing system is a mess that doesn't even know its name. The only competitor at the moment is formed by Salesforce with the recent purchase of the Slack service. Slack sued Microsoft a year ago for including Teams in Office. Certainly its addition to Windows 11 did not find Slack agreeable but who is running in the courts?

But what makes online sessions as important as the Mesopotamian oil wells? It's the browser war itself. Whoever manages to control the conversations between people will also have control of the digital world. Every file you share, every link you make, every link you change, is a treasure to be collected. All information collected is automatically merged. Teams access channels, businesses, helplines, content storage, special offers, preferences, payment systems.

The long course of interactions between the users of the conference system, produces a rich map of behavior of each of us. All of this metadata - and actual data - on Microsoft servers is a raw material ready to power AI / ML machines. Microsoft has the lead over Salesforce, as the Microsoft Teams app will be pre-installed in almost every business in the world. If it manages to attract home users now, Microsoft will live through great times again, like the IE6 era.

The reign of IE6 was marked by stagnation. Competitors found no reason to allocate resources to gain a monopoly service. If you think Teams won't do the same, wait until Microsoft starts enjoying its new monopoly again.

What saved the world then was the open standards of the internet - Microsoft could not hold on to the victory of IE6, no matter how hard it tried.

Windows 11 will soon be everywhere with their telemetry and the rest of the players are inactive. Google, Salesforce, Amazon and Apple are just watching the game lose. Salesforce's Slack app has found a large company to support it but Salesforce is not Microsoft. Google and Amazon have the scope and infrastructure to sell conference services in the open market. Google has won the mobile market very smartly with an open operating system. If he showed similar interest in the conferences, maybe something would happen. Of course, "from the bitch to the charioteer" also applies here, but at least there would be a competitor.

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