Windows 11 shortcuts you need to know

Microsoft announced Windows 11 last month. For now, you can install the operating system preview and comment on Microsoft for new features.

All Windows 10 users whose system meets the basics Windows 11 requirements are entitled to a free upgrade to Windows 11.


Below are some of the Windows 11 keyboard shortcuts you need to know.

The different applications that you will use in Windows 11 will have their own shortcuts, however we will see the operating system shortcuts.

We split the wizard into two parts: In the first part, you will see the shortcuts that the Windows key needs. In the second part, you will see the normal keyboard shortcuts.

Windows key
The Start opens Menu.
Windows key + E
Opens File Explorer.
Windows key + C
Cortana opens.
Windows key + S ή Windows key + Q
It opens Search (online and offline).
Windows key + I
The Settings app opens.
Windows key + AThe Action Center opens.
Windows key + NThe Notification Center opens.
Windows key + HVoice typing starts.
Windows key + FThe Feedback opens hub.
Windows key + WOpens the Widgets.
Windows key + KLogin to wireless displays and audio devices.
Windows key + XThe Start context menu opens.
Windows key + GThe Game bar opens.
Windows key + [1] [2] [3] […]
Opens programs that are pinned to the task bar.
Windows key + SpaceChanges the keyboard language (only if there are 2 or more languages).
Windows key + RThe Run opens.
Windows key + PDisplays the current screen.
Windows key + L
Locks Windows 11.
Windows key + D
Displays the Windows Desktop.
Windows key + V
Displays the Clipboard history
Windows key + Alt + D
Displays the time, date and calendar
Windows key + O
Changes the screen orientation
Windows key + M
Minimize all open windows.
Windows key +,
Look at the desktop for a while until you release the key Windows key.
Windows key + Shift + S
Capture part of the screen with Snip & Sketch.
Windows key + U
Opens the Accessibility settings.
Windows key + ; ή .
The Emoji opens viewer.
Windows key + B
Highlight the first issue in the Notification Area. Use the arrow to change subjects.
Windows key + PrtScr ή Windows key + Fn + PrtScr
Take a screenshot of the screen, Saves them in the envelope Pictures.
Windows key + TCircles the apps in the taskbar.
Windows key + Tab
Task View opens.
Windows key + Ctrl + Left / Right Change to virtual desktop.
Windows key + DownPull the current window at the bottom of the screen
Windows key + UpPull the current window at the top of the screen
Windows key + RightPull the current window on the right side of the screen
Windows key + LeftPull the current window on the left side of the screen
Windows key + Ctrl + DCreates a new virtual desktop.
Windows key + Ctrl + F4The virtual desktop you see closes

Other keyboard shortcuts

Alt + F4The window you see closes
Ctrl + F The Find dialog for search opens
Ctrl + Mmark mode that helps you select text, especially in Command Prompt.
Ctrl + Page Up / Page DownScrolling up / down.
Ctrl + Up / DownMove up / down on current screen or page line by line.
Ctrl + ASelect all
Ctrl + C ή Ctrl + Insert
Copy them all to the clipboard.
Ctrl + V ή Shift + InsertPaste
Ctrl + Z
Ctrl + YRedo, if you used it before Ctrl + Z .
Ctrl + Page Up / Page DownScrolling up / down on current screen or page.
Ctrl + Page Up / Page DownScrolling up / down on current screen or page.
Alt + Tab
Switch between tabs.
Shift + Left / Right / Up / Down Moves the cursor to the right or left of a character, or up and down a line
Ctrl + Shift + Left / RightMoves the cursor one word left to right
Shift + Home / EndMoves the cursor to the beginning or end of the line
Shift + Page Up / Page DownMoves the cursor up and down the page
Ctrl + Shift + Home / EndMoves the cursor to the beginning or end of the screen buffer



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