Windows 11 Will the incompatible systems finally be updated?

It is known that Microsoft with minimum requirements for installing Windows 11, is not so popular lately.

Many users disagree with the company's decision, but despite the disagreements the security requirements of Windows 11 have been implemented. So at the moment there are "officially supported" and "unsupported systems".
Windows 11

Microsoft, however, has so far not ruled out unsupported installations, as it allows installations via ISO, and it appears it may continue to support these "incompatible" Windows 11 critical updates over its lifetime. operating system.

Of course, the company has made it clear that these alternative methods are accompanied by risks and there was a time when it is believed that it also used a tactic of terror to make those concerned stay away from them.

Although it was never officially confirmed, a Microsoft spokesman said no Windows 11 supported systems will not receive updates.

However, this has not been done as well as we mentioned yesterday, we were able to update an "incompatible" system with updates released by Microsoft. A test "incompatible" system we have with Windows 11 was able to receive the first set of "Patch Tuesday" updates. It even receives daily updates from the Windows Security Suite.

It is certainly reassuring to see that Microsoft will not abandon Windows 11 users who have arrived there using alternative and official methods.

It is not clear, however, whether this is Microsoft's official policy or whether it is just waiting for things to calm down.

But if he stops the updates, he could have legal problems, as he can be accused of forcing people to buy new computers just to stay safe with Windows 11.

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