Windows 11 ends local accounts

The first major update to Windows 11, just released and Microsoft began testing a huge collection of new features, UI changes, and redesigned applications in the latest Windows Insider preview for dev channel users.

In general, the changes seem to be useful, but there is an unwanted addition: like the original version of Windows 11, the Pro version will no longer require an Internet connection and a Microsoft account during installation. Windows 11

In the current version of Windows 11, you can create a local user account during installation, and not connect your computer to the Internet. Recall that this feature existed in the original version of Windows 10, but was removed in version 11.

This solution (offline installation) will no longer be available in any version in the future.

Windows 11 will be coming soon the only operating system which will require a Microsoft account login to enable even basic features.

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Apple Macs still allow local accounts to be created during installation, and you can skip the connection when setting up iPhone and iPad (although sometimes an Internet connection is required to turn on the device).

Android also needs a Google Account to activate, but you do not need to sign in to the net to view the home screen. Even Chrome OS has a guest feature that you can use to enable basic browsing without a user account.

This change will not affect anyone who has already set up Windows with a local account.

But it is a frustrating change for those who want to install new Windows or for anyone trying to install a new computer in an offline place.

There are some hacks of course that usually require logging in and then disconnecting from the internet during installation. For those who want to use a local account without alchemy, the best solution is to create a Microsoft account for use during the installation and then create a new local user account when Windows is running.

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We do not know when Microsoft will start demanding a company account in Windows 11 Pro, but the company said it intends to make "continuous" changes to the operating system.

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  1. It's completely ridiculous on the part of Microsoft. Instead of having to prepare some 10 PCs of the company now, and make style patents, use a common email for installation, and then change it to local. And this while local is still supported even after installation….
    But the most ridiculous thing is that even today in the W10 you can NOT use the Microsoft Office 365 account during the installation phase. I do not know if anything has changed lately, but until last summer it was like that, only outlook accounts were accepted, or the old windowslive .

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