Windows 11 Update Stack Packages updates before updates

Microsoft has officially announced the Update Stack Packages. According to the company, it is a new way of updating Windows that will improve the end user experience before installing the update.

Are you confused?

In other words, these are updates that will come through Windows Update but will be received before the regular updates are officially released.
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Microsoft is already using stack updates, which are updates that are supposed to improve the part of Windows that is responsible for installing updates on the operating system.

Η Microsoft new stack updates are released periodically, so it will be interesting to see how different the new Update Stack Packages will be.

This new approach is currently only available to a limited number of users on the Dev channel, part of Windows Insider.

"Currently, Update Stack Packages are limited to a very small set of system files and are developed independently of the operating system. By testing this process first with Windows Insiders, we hope to expand the range and frequency of releases in the future. he says Microsoft.

"Through Update Stack Packages, we will bring improvements to the updating experience before the computer receives a monthly update. Update Stack Packages will help you ensure that your computer has the best chance of successfully installing new updates. ”

Microsoft says Update Stack Packages will be released on Windows, as well as standard cumulative updates, so they should also appear in Windows Update.

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The company has not mentioned any official delivery time of the new feature, but rather pays close attention to the new approach for obvious reasons.

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