Windows 11 on an unsupported computer? you must first accept the terms

Until now we knew that Microsoft would provide support for new operating system only on some Intel and AMD processors. There is already a list of supported CPUs as well as an application that shows you compatibility.

The company also announced that users on unsupported systems will be able to install Windows 11 with ISO if they are interested. But that would leave them with a system that is not officially supported by 11 1 4

The company has stated that this unsupported status may even mean that these computers will not receive critical security updates.

So, if a user wants to upgrade to Windows 11 from such unsupported systems, they will see the following image

Windows 11

In fact, in terms of services, Microsoft has apparently clarified that unsupported systems upgraded to Windows 11 will not be eligible for further updates, stating that these computers "will no longer be supported and will not be eligible for updates." However, it is not yet clear whether this will include important security-related updates.

Microsoft's decisions on system compatibility and the inability of millions of users to upgrade to Windows 11 have resulted in a very difficult period for the company, which has received a lot of negative reviews.

Recall that the minimum hardware requirements were changed at the end of August by Microsoft due to public reactions. So it is still possible that the requirements will change again before or after the official release of Windows 11.

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