Windows 12 what is the new operating system released?

If the Windows 10 If you do not like it you may have to try Windows 12, an operating system that promises not to betray you like Microsoft.

A redditor he says that he discovered Windows 12 Lite DVDs at a local computer show and took a picture.

"You do not need any upgrades when you want to work. "There are no upgrades that fail so you can not upgrade and have to buy more Windows 10," says the DVD. "No virus or ransomware in Windows 12."

Windows 12

At first glance it looks like Windows but Microsoft did not release any new version. It is actually an operating system based on Linux Lite and "wears" a Windows 10 theme.

Ο official website of Windows 12 states that the operating system is based on Linux Lite but a Windows 10 wallpaper has been adapted.

The description of Windows 12 is funny:

"All the problems of the poor operating system are solved with Windows 12 Lite 4.8 a very good operating system. This desktop is far superior in every way to Windows 10. It's not Microsoft's Windows 12 Lite. It can replace Windows 10. You can double boot with Windows 10 and you will have a much better operating system ", the website states.

The photo gallery on the page is mostly the same screenshot with a different background.

We do not know what Microsoft thinks about this, but given the name of the operating system, I'm sure it will not be out for long.

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