Windows 7: support for 99 days only

The Windows 10 is the operating system that exists in 900 million active devices worldwide, but on the other hand, the Windows 7 continue to maintain a very respectable adoption rate.
Windowws 7 is the second most used operating system on PC, prompting Microsoft to remind OS users to upgrade their systems.

Windows 7

Those who use Windows 7 have only 99 days to install Windows 8.1 or Windows 10. Of course there is also the option to change platform, such as Linux or macOS.

Microsoft of course recommends them Windows 10.

However, moving users from Windows 7 in Windows 10 may be a much more difficult decision than upgrading Windows XP devices to other supported versions of Windows in early 2014.

The Windows 7 are often described as the latest operating system to offer the traditional Windows experience without a Store and all other modern additions. Windows 8 was the first version to have a built-in App Store and a Metro UI.

The Windows 10 significantly improve the experience, but they still have problems to the users who use them.

Users who want the classic Windows should seriously consider leaving them Windows 7 because according to Microsoft their systems could be vulnerable to 0day attacks due to lack of updates.

So the security of a system with Windows 7 after the support fee is a risk and every user of the operating system should take responsibility (especially the companies).

Those of you who are thinking of upgrading to Windows 10 you can get very cheap licenses from the following links:

Microsoft Windows 10 Home (OEM / Retail) 4.36 €
Microsoft Windows 10 Professional (OEM / Retail) 4.92 €
Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Datacenter 24.49 €

Unless you have a legal installation key Windows 7, you can get it from the following link (prefer the retail versions and not the OEM ones, so you can upgrade to Windows 10)

Microsoft Window 7 Professional (OEM / Retail) 4.19 €


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