Windows 7 Too hard to die

Η Microsoft is scheduled to discontinue support for Windows 7 on January 14th. There is about 1 month left and one would expect that the majority of users have already upgraded to Windows 10.Windows 7

However, according to with the new elements NetMarketShare for October - November, this does not apply, as the market share of Windows 7 decreased slightly last month.

What is even worse for her Microsoft is that the Windows 10 marked a slight decline at a time when they were supposed to benefit from the support fee for Windows 7.

More specifically, the Windows 10 remain the first desktop operating system, but their usage decreased from 54,30% to 53,81%. The Windows 7 were still second in selection, and the decline in the adoption rate appears to be much slower than expected. Microsoft. The market share of Windows 7 decreased from 26,94% in October to 26,90% in November.

Operating systems for non-Windows desktops are far behind the charts. MacOS 10.14 is the first non-Windows platform in November with 4.62% market share. Immediately afterwards follows macOS 10.15 with 3.11% ..

Linux is at 1,16%, according to the same source.

The transition from Windows 7 will take much longer than expected Microsoft This is due to the fact that more than 1 in 4 computers run the 2009 operating system. Home users may decide to switch operating systems, but businesses that use Windows 7 face more problems, such as incompatibilities in the hardware but also in specialized software they use.

Dell recently revealed that Intel chip delays may affect upgrades to Windows 7 into a Windows 10, forcing some companies to upgrade to the new operating system later in 2020.


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