Windows 7: 14 January 2020 support fee

14 yesterday 2019 was a milestone day for Microsoft's popular Windows 7 operating system. After just one year, at 14 January of 2020, the company will stop supporting with operating system security updates.

This is of course what Microsoft and its developers are expecting, as current users of Windows 7 will have to upgrade to the firmware that the company has long been promoting: Windows 10.

On the other hand, there are many who refuse to upgrade their system to Microsoft's new Windows as a service model, as things are not working out well for all systems, especially those that use older hardware.

Windows 7 was a huge success for Microsoft, like Windows XP. Anyone who knows the history of its operating system will remember Vista's failure, but also the denial of Windows 8 adoption.

But the popularity of Windows 7 was huge. A few days ago, according to Net Applications analytics, Windows 10 managed to outperform users running Windows 7 systems.

Even today, one year before end of support, Windows 7 is still installed at 42,8 percent of Windows-based computers running the world.

Naturally, Microsoft will begin to alert users of the popular OS to upgrade to Windows 10 as the support expiration date approaches.

Here it should be mentioned that only free support is stopped. After 14 January 2020, Microsoft will continue to provide security updates for another three years to companies that pay a price that will continue to grow each year.




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