Windows 7: Will show notifications about the upcoming support

Computers running Windows 7 will begin to display notifications of upcoming support, as reported by 2019 in April.

Support for Windows 7 versions expires on January 14, 2020. Business customers can extend their support for up to three years by paying Microsoft a fee per user, which will double each year.

April of 2019 was chosen by Microsoft to give its customers enough time to migrate (at least the companies as they hope to Microsoft) to Windows 10. Customers have other options. Upgrade to Windows 8.1, after being supported for another three years, or stay on Windows 7 or migrate to Linux.

Microsoft has not yet revealed how these alerts will appear. The only information provided by Microsoft is that they will be informative only and that users can choose not to want to see further notifications.

This is reported by Microsoft"These notifications are for informational purposes only and if you prefer not to receive them again, you may select 'Do not notify me again' and we will not send you any further reminders."

Most likely, these alerts will look similar to the notifications that Microsoft once showed on 2014 Windows XP systems when this version of Windows was about to end its support.

The notification will indicate the end of the operating system support date, a link to open a webpage with additional information, and an option "do not show this message again."

Users who just close the popup window using the checkout window will continue to receive alerts in the future. Making tick in the check box and clicking OK will be the only option that will prevent future notifications from appearing on the device.

Old Windows 7 users will surely remember the Microsoft 2015 campaign that was trying to get users to upgrade to the new Windows 10 for free.

New alerts will not have the same features for this campaign as they will not include operating system upgrade options in Windows 10. Although these Windows 7 keys work in Windows 10 and there is generally a "tacit" acceptance from Microsoft that the transfer is still free without any problems.

It remains to be seen whether Microsoft will revive the then "Get Windows 10" slogan.

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