Windows XP authentic leaked code

The source ς των Windows XP και του Windows Server που διέρρευσαν στο Διαδίκτυο την περασμένη εβδ via 4chan is authentic after a YouTuber converted the code to 2 OSes that seem to work.

Shortly after of leak last week, there were many (and I was one of them) who did not believe the validity of the leak.

NTDEV, a computer technician from the US, was one of millions of users who downloaded the code last week.

But instead of waiting for an official statement from which is very likely to never come, NTDEV decided to write the code and find out for itself whether it is authentic or not.

According to videos posted on the Internet, the technician managed to write the code for Windows XP over the weekend and Windows Server 2003 yesterday.

"It simply came to our notice then. Some elements seem to be missing, such as winlogon.exe and many beforedriving," NTDEV told ZDNet.

NTDEV reports that these missing items mean that the Leaked XP cannot be fully used for "full OS replacement", but that the code is genuine.

“Some , such as kernel and explorer can be compiled easily. I have tested some programs from the compiled XP source and they appear to be identical to the commercial versions of Windows,” NTDEV reports.

Apart from the missing items, NTDEV believes that “the source can be used to compile all SKUs, as well as (optimized) retail builds.”

As for Windows Server 2003, the second major version of Windows operating system in last week's leak, NTDEV said the code was also authentic.

"The leaked Server 2003 source code is actually more complete than the XP source code, but it does not have the Winlogon source code."

“I guess that's because it might contain her code activation (just a hypothesis).

"However, unlike XP, I was able to create a workable installation of [Server] 2003, but I had to replace some files (Winlogon is the most important, the rest are help files and drivers, mainly)," NTDEV said. . The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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