Windows Defender Application Guard for Chrome and Firefox

Windows Defender Application Guard: Microsoft has released a new extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, which is supposed to protect users when they visit dangerous sites.

Windows Defender Application Guard, which is available for download only for insiders at the moment, has a very simple role: to check the website you are trying to open to see if it is trustworthy or not.Windows Defender Application Guard

If the page is considered dangerous by Microsoft, the extension will trigger the sandboxed Microsoft Edge, which means it will not matter if the page is dangerous or not, as it will not be able to reach your data.

"The extension is based on a native application we created to support communication between the browser and the Application Guard settings," says Microsoft.

Microsoft also says that the expansion is designed to provide a seamless experience. So if users do not visit malicious web sites the sandboxed function will automatically be replaced in the standard settings.

"In Microsoft Edge sandboxed mode, the user can freely navigate to any site that is not explicitly defined as trustworthy, without any risk to the rest of the system. With the ability to dynamically change, if the user tries to go to a trusted site while in the sandboxed mode of Microsoft Edge, he will return to the default browser ", says Microsoft.

Once you've installed the browser extension, you'll see a page that describes in detail how everything works. The extension will automatically check if all conditions are met on your computer.
For example, the extension will scan your device to see if it is compatible, if Application Guard is installed and the feature is enabled.

Needless to say that the extension is only available for devices running Windows 10 and you can download the one you are interested in from the following links:

Google Chrome extension

Mozilla-Firefox extension

Microsoft Store companion app

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