Download all Windows directly from Microsoft (Updated)

Have you ever tried to find ISO images from previous versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system? It's a bit difficult to download files from official sources.
Microsoft allows users who want ISO to use the Media Creation Tool, instead of providing download links that directly link to the files.

So if you want to download ISO, but from some official source, the Microsoft site provides instant downloads for all Windows 10 ISO images, but does not provide links to older operating systems.

Let's see what we can do:

If you look at the source code on the following page, you will notice that there are reports about Window 7 and Window 8.1.

Ok, let's download the files:

Open the Microsoft page in a browser that supports Developer Tools and has a console (Firefox or Chrome).
If you are using Google Chrome, press Ctrl-Shift-J, and in Firefox, Ctrl-Shift-K to open the console.
Copy and paste the following code. Press enter and take a look at the page.

The following figure shows how to paste the code (red box) into the Firefox console. (click to enlarge).
Note that if you have never used the console before you will need to type "allow pasting" to unlock the function.

All files are there, in whatever language you want. Download and save the files you care about before shutting down the company.

Windows 10 Enterprise does not exist on the page.

H page:

and the code:

var _0x5c09 = ["product-edition", "getElementById", "innerHTML", "","backgroundColor","style","blue","color","yellow","fontFamily","consolas","submit-product-edition","Confirm (","go to or :D","log"],_0x1d62=[_0x5c09[0],_0x5c09[1],_0x5c09[2],_0x5c09[3],_0x5c09[4],_0x5c09[5],_0x5c09[6],_0x5c09[7],_0x5c09[8],_0x5c09[9],_0x5c09[10],_0x5c09[11],_0x5c09[12]],edititonbox=document[_0x1d62[1]](_0x1d62[0]);edititonbox[_0x1d62[2]]=_0x1d62[3],edititonbox[_0x1d62[5]][_0x1d62[4]]=_0x1d62[6],edititonbox[_0x1d62[5]][_0x1d62[7]]=_0x1d62[8],edititonbox[_0x1d62[5]][_0x1d62[9]]=_0x1d62[10],document[_0x1d62[1]](_0x1d62[11])[_0x1d62[2]]=_0x1d62[12],console[_0x5c09[14]](_0x5c09[13]);

Update for smart comments of the type: "I can not find windows 1" or "I can not find Windows xp", look for the ISO in your neighborhood pirate. The post contains images supported by Microsoft.

Bloatware on Window 10: remove everything automatically

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