Windows the evolution of 17 years of operating system into a gif

Η support of Windows XP and Windows 7 has already stopped, and Microsoft is now dealing almost exclusively with Windows 10 (Windows 8.1 will continue to receive updates until 2023).

Although the company recommends that everyone upgrade to Windows 10, there are many who prefer an older version.


A GIF set posted This week on reddit it shows how the adoption of each version of Windows has increased and decreased over the last 17 years, highlighting the upgrades that users make after each new release of Windows.

In 2003, Windows XP was apparently the first version of Windows - in fact, Windows XP is still in use today, although it has not received updates since April 2014. Windows XP was released in 2001 and continues to operate as mostly on business devices or government services with limited network access.

The Windows Vista, on the other hand, which have been reported as Microsoft 's biggest failure, never went away. But soon after, Microsoft released Windows 7, which is still considered the most successful version of Windows ever. Windows 7 continued to dominate the Windows ecosystem even after the release of Windows 8 by Microsoft in 2012.

Windows 8 was the first modern version of Windows to attempt to introduce support for touch devices, bringing new features such as the Microsoft Store and Metro applications. At the same time, it removed popular features such as the "Start" menu. This approach, however, did not go far and many stayed with Windows 7.

Note that many have tried to resist updating to Windows 10, but now that Windows 7 is no longer supported, the upgrade seems to be a one-way street. See the GIF below.

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