Windows fast boot What it is and why to disable it

Quick start of Windows is a feature that allows you to start your computer much faster. It was introduced with Windows 8 in 2016, and is now available in Windows 10 as well.

Quick Start is pre-enabled by the manufacturers, so most Windows users won't even know it.

What is Windows Quick Start?

The quick start ( startup or fast boot) is a way to start your computer faster. It will help you save valuable time. It is enabled by default on most computers running Windows 10.

How does a quick start work?

Η γρήγορη εκκίνηση χρησιμοποιεί μια διαφορετική προσέγγιση για τον τερματισμό των Windows. Στις παλαιότερες εκδόσεις των Windows, το λειτουργικό σύστημα έκλεινε όλα τα προτα και τερματιζόταν τη στιγμή του τερματισμού.

However, during a shutdown on a fast-boot Windows system, a computer simply logs off from users, hibernates all files, and so on the next startup, simply picks up where it left off. For this, it is often called a 'hybrid shutdown'.

As mentioned above, Quick Start is enabled on most modern computers. It's one of the many ways to help you increase your Windows performance. However, there are many who advise against using the quick boot, or at least turning it off as soon as you turn on your system for the first time.

Let's find out why.

Is Fast Startup useful or not?

It depends.

While it is an amazing feature for reducing Windows 10 startup time, it has its drawbacks.

In a quick boot, as in Windows hibernation, the operating system closes all applications. However, instead of shutting down the operating system, a quick boot puts it into hibernation so that the various drivers, kernel, etc., do not stop working.

So the next time you start Windows, the operating system will continue to run from the idle point instead of starting at zero, drastically reducing boot time.

This can have a detrimental effect on Windows updates, as most of them require a complete shutdown of your computer for a smooth installation.

In addition to causing problems with updates, a quick start of Windows will also lock your hard drive. This way, you will not be able to access it if you have another operating system installed on your dual boot computer.

On some computers, you will also not be able to access the BIOS / UEFI settings if Quick Start is enabled.

If these disadvantages do not bother you, you can have a quick start for improved performance of your computer. However, if any of the above bothers you, you should turn it off.

How to disable fast startup in Windows 10?

In the search, enter control panel and select the application icon. From there, click Power Options and select Choose settings that are currently unavailable.

Now, click Change settings that are not currently available and uncheck the quick start activation box.

Click Save Changes to save this setting.

This will disable the quick start feature. On the next boot, your computer will start without a quick boot. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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  1. Let's go back a little. In 2016 where an ultrabook EZbook 2 was purchased from China at a price that did not exist in Greece. The machine arrived almost 2 months later at its recipient.

    Great joy for its minimal shape but also great sadness when it was found that its battery did not turn on or charge when its charger entered the machine. The sadness multiplied when it was found that in order to return the machine to China, so much money was needed for the ELTA that it exceeded the purchase cost.

    Then, for unknown reasons (s.s. guess maybe?) He stayed a weekend with the charger plugged in and miraculously, after ~ 8-9 hours with the charger active, charging started to take place.
    4 hours after the start of charging the machine the charge reached 100%.
    Since then, from 2016, the status of "quick activation" of every machine that falls into my hands, is abolished. Either portable or pc tower since everything I have caught has an SSD and so, 2-3-4 seconds more at startup in windows does not mean anything special.

      • A quick start requires a minimum, but enough power consumption (from the battery).

        So the machine remained idle for about 2+ months (as long as it was coming from China), it slowly consumed all the energy from the battery and so it took many hours for it to start charging again.

        Happy New Year and do not write in disgusting greeklish.

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