Windows Firewall Control for free for existing users

Καλά τα νέα για όσους χρησιμοποιούν το λογισμικό ενίσχυσης του τείχους προστασίας των . Its latest version ς released today unlocks the software but for the users of the application.Windows Firewall Control

Windows Firewall Control is a Windows security software that gives users more control over the operating system Firewall.

The app was available for free but had limited features. The Lady missing from the free version was notification support. Notifications are a key feature of the app for many users.

The application displays a prompt whenever a program or software process attempts to make an outgoing connection, so the may or may not directly allow the connection.

Malwarebytes bought Windows Firewall Control in June 2018, and said it would integrate it into its core products. The company has assured users of the product that the program will also be maintained as a standalone application but under the by Malwarebytes.

From today so if you are a user of the free application you can activate the notifications at no extra cost. Just follow Notifications> Display and turn on the useful feature.

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