Free antivirus for Windows without junk and popups

Most Windows computer users know they need an antivirus program to protect themselves against the infinite threats of the modern web. Although there are many free protection programs, there are few that are really free.


Many apps try to force you to upgrade to a pro version that is paid for, or to install an unnecessary browser extension.

Of course the "tricks" don't stop there. There are antiviruses that show you ads or some popups that are trying to get your attention. To mention that there are others that if you do not pay attention to the installation will fill your PC with unnecessary applications (see Comodo).Windows

For this reason, we have selected some free protection applications that do not fill you with rubbish. We start with the cleanest apps and finish with some that have popups by default, but are easily disabled by changing a setting.

You may notice that two big names (AVG and Avast) are completely missing from the list below. This is because both of these apps, though well known, fill your computer with garbage, or with popups. This is simply not worth using if there are other available solutions.

Windows Defender

Let's get started with it the default WindUws 10 antivirus. Windows Defender had some problems with its "childhood", but it has evolved into a stable antivirus with many professionals working on its development.

One of the best reasons to use it is the complete lack of popups. There is no Premium version of Windows Defender, so you will never see a popup window asking you to pay it. Windows Defender behaves quietly and does the job, warning you only if there is a problem.

Sophos Home

Sophos is not one of the biggest names in antivirus programs, but it's still a trusted company. You will need to register to download it antivirus, but this is the minimum price for an application that runs without nags and popups. The installer is big enough, so it may take several minutes to install it. After installation, however, you will notice that the application is clean.


The security application is open source ClamAV running on Linux platforms recommends that you try it Immunet, a complete antivirus developed by Cisco and powered by the ClamAV engine.

Immunet does not have a paid version, so you will not see popups or bloatware. What makes this antivirus unique is that it is based on its community. When the application detects an infection in one's system, it automatically blocks the threat to everyone who uses Immunet. Only a few MBs are required to install the application.

Bitdefender Antivirus Free

Bitdefender is another friendly and trusted antivirus. It does not have many options to not even confuse the most novice user. It works discreetly in the background, protecting your computer. It will not install junk during installation, but you have to watch two things.

1. After installation, Bitdefender will ask you to sign in to an account on their site. The software will not work until you add your account.
2. Once Bitdefender is enabled, click the gear icon at the top of the app and select Account Information. Disable Screen Bidding with Special Offers to prevent pop-ups that advertise the paid version of Bitdefender. After that, you will not need to reopen the panel.

Gladly Avira

Avira is one of the "big three" providers of free security applications (along with Avast and AVG), and is undoubtedly the least annoying application. Since you avoid installing additional rubbish, it is a relatively lightweight antivirus.

However, although we have not seen anything in our testing, some users report that Avira occasionally displays advertisements. So we added it to the end of the list in case you do not like any of the above applications.

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Caution: On the Avira download page, make sure to download Free Antivirus and not the Free Security Suite. The latest application includes bloat tones that you do not need.

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