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The user account is one of the most popular Windows features and is designed to protect privacy and security. With this feature, a computer is shared among multiple users with their own settings. Windows

By default, Windows has the ability to create hidden accounts. Below we will see how to add a separate account with administrator rights. This account will be hidden, and you can turn it on or off depending on the situation.

Alternatively, you could hide the disk or use folder lock software to protect the stored data. Before using third-party software, try creating a hidden account with administrator privileges.

Open Windows Notepad (if you have not tried the free application Notepad + +).
Copy and paste the following command:

    @echo off net user user pa55 / add net localgroup Administrators iguru / add

Save the above file to your desktop with any name you want, but with a .bat extension.

Replace the password with your desired username and pa55 with your password.

Once you have saved your file, you must right-click on it and select Run as Administrator. A command prompt will appear for a few seconds and will disappear.

You have already created the account you want with administrator rights.

Open cmd (Win + R, type cmd and enter) and type net user to view the account you created.

Hide your account in Windows.

In Windows search, type cmd, right-click on it and select Run as administrator or run as administrator.

Type the following command and press enter.

net user active / active: no

The iguru account is inactive and does not appear. If we want to activate it we use yes:

net user iguru / active: yes

With an account enabled, you can sign out to see it.

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