Windows & Linux: full access to the Windows disk

Using Dual Boot you run Linux alongside Windows on σας. Όλα καλά μέχρι εδώ. Μερικές φορές όμως θέλετε να μοιραστείτε between the two operating systems, and something is stopping you: Windows.Windows

Windows 10 locks the disks they use so you can't have to their data from Linux. What can you do about it? The solution is very simple.

Hibernate Windows

Windows also has a status s. It is used by Windows 8 and is also present in Windows 10. So as we have mentioned in previous publication the ap of Windows in the usual way simply hibernates the system and does not turn it off.

This means everything stored in the memory is stored on the hard drive during hibernation. So when you want to turn on your computer, you do not actually turn it on, but you can restore the data from the hard drive to memory.

Windows has a few features of energy:

  • Shut Down: The option to disable your computer.
  • Sleep: Low Power Mode that maintains the current connection to the system.
  • Hibernate: (Hibernate) Saves the current session to the hard disk until it is restarted of the computer.
  • Hybrid: A combination of sleep and hibernate, allowing quick restart.

So the solution is based on the above how do we wind up Window. The easiest solution is to make sure your computer does not shut down in hibernation mode. Without the hibernation data on your hard drive, you will be able to access every drive that uses Windows from your Linux system without any problems.

Let's see what you can do:

Open the Windows Control Panel by pressing the two keys together +R. In the window that opens, type control panel and press enter. Then select Power Options (the path is shown in the image below).

Then, turn off Enable Quick Launch (Recommended) or Turn on fast start-up (recommended). Untick and save the changes.

That's it, now that you finish your computer, it will be done correctly, as it was in earlier versions of Windows.

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  1. We can make a desktop shortcut to completely shut down the computer so that when we get into Linux, there will be no such problems. When we reboot too, and during this we choose Linux no problem.

    • Good Day Steps, there is if Windows is not completely turned off. The above method does not require a shortcut, or the use of the Shift key mentioned by Panayiotis every time we finish the computer.

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