Windows Lite What Is Microsoft Preparing?

Windows Lite: Although Microsoft's Windows operating system is still the operating system used by the majority, the company faces stiff competition in classrooms and universities from Google's Chromebooks.

They are cheap and functional, and have built-in storage and synchronization functions in the cloud.Windows Lite

Microsoft has released two products in the past to compete in the low-end market: Windows RT and Windows 10 S. But both products used an almost complete version of Windows without really offering anything that would make the devices worked these attractive versions.

The devices, for example, did not offer longer battery life, and could only work with applications from the Windows Store.

Rumors circulating right now say that Microsoft is preparing another limited edition of Windows called Windows Lite.
Ο Tero Alhonen saw the new SKU Lite on Windows 10 SDK 18282 and the Brad Sams from reported that Microsoft has targeted Chromebooks.

Windows 10 Lite will only run UWP (Universal Windows Platform) and PWA (from Progressive Web Apps), according to Sams. What makes Windows 10 Lite different from Windows RT and Windows 10 S is that Microsoft has removed parts that are not required to run PWAs or Universal Applications.

Sam calls it a "really lightweight version of Windows" and says it will not be sold on the market but will be exclusively for OEMs.

It is unclear whether Lite will be Microsoft's third attempt to build a low-cost device in a market that Windows devices have not performed so well in the past. Windows Lite could be officially introduced in 2019.


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