The Windows Nano Server leaked

Two unofficial and quite interesting versions of Windows leaked on the Internet. The first is a Redstone version of Windows 10 Build 14278, and the second is a Windows Nano Server image.Windows Nano Server

Of course, we do not know why someone thought of making 10.0.14278 build if 14279 has already been released. Perhaps because the full name of the build containing the RS1 tag: 10.0.14278.0.rs1.160228-2349 appears.
The version released is Enterprise only in 32-bit.

Stakeholders can find download links at MyDigitalLife.

The details of leaked images:

File: 14278.0.160227-2349.RS1_CLIENTENTERPRISE_VOL_X86FRE_EN-US.rar
CRC-32: dddbc8fd
MD4: 0f98011e18f4ad62da9b26e7c8f0beb1
MD5: 81074125caeb1461e83d38833896783b
SHA-1: 9cfc33ac08363bb379e87f2d8797ba3866244bfd

File: 14278.0.160227-2349.RS1_CLIENTENTERPRISE_VOL_X86FRE_EN-US.iso
CRC-32: 6768b7d9
MD4: f07ccdd9aee1b970d23c2090f891fb7e
MD5: 0aa0b684589b3da5bb16575b171fc908
SHA-1: 6435c2f03f0819b0656038e3a4b94ef80693def9

The version of Windows Nano Server is now a very interesting leak. Nano Server is a refractory version of Windows Server with a small footprint and remote cloud optimized installation management. It is designed for fewer patches and updates, faster and less restarts, better resource utilization, and enhanced security.

The Nano Server will allow customers to install only the components they need and nothing more.

The Nano Server version brings:

93 percent smaller VHD
92 percent fewer critical updates and
80 percent fewer restarts

You can play with Windows Nano Server by following the link from the following Tweet:

Windows Nano Server is designed to run on virtual boxes, so you will have problems if you try to install on your computer.

As usual, we do not recommend using any unofficial versions as your primary operating system. We suggest testing it on a virtual machine if you decide to play with it.

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