Windows: Is the next generation operating system coming?

Windows 10 was released by radically changing the Microsoft operating system model. Windows as a service or Windows as a Service they adopt, changes the model of deployment and release of new large versions (see XP, Vista, 7, 8 etc.).

Windows as a Service for the first time launches a continuous stream of updates to the operating system as opposed to releasing updates as a service pack or with individual versions, as we know it.


Microsoft releases two updates of new features per year, which add new features and enhancements to Window 10. Updates are first available on Windows Insider devices before they are released for home users, and later on devices running Pro or Enterprise versions.

A recent Synaptics press release, titled Synaptics, AMD Collaborate on Enterprise-Grade Biometric PC Security for Next-Generation Microsoft Operating System, reports that Microsoft is already working on a next-generation operating system.

The press release does not reveal much about Microsoft's next-generation operating system other than that it will support Biometric PC Enterprise-Grade technology. This means that Microsoft seems to be working on a "biometric security operating system" that includes Windows Hello.

The press release states:

Synaptics Incorporated, a leading human interface solution developer, along with AMD, today announced a joint initiative focusing on delivering a new benchmark in the field of high-security fingerprint recognition with fingerprint biometrics for notebooks for businesses in AMD Ryzen ™ Mobile platform and the next-generation Microsoft operating system. The collaboration brings a new level of security to notebooks using AMD technology, utilizing Synaptics' unique FS7600 Match-in-Sensor ™ fingerprint sensor technology with powerful AMD Ryzen Mobile processors and Microsoft's upcoming biometric security system.

The press release leaves many questions unanswered. Microsoft revealed 2015 that Window 10 will be latest operating system running. So the next generation of Microsoft's next-generation operating system could simply be a reference to a future version of Windows 10 that the company is already developing.

Windows 10 will be supported at least until 2025 according to Microsoft (although support is not guaranteed for all the hardware in circulation).

So if we are developing a new next-generation operating system from the company, we will probably see or hear about a specialized operating system, as Microsoft does not intend to leave the Windows 10 project soon.

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