Windows Notepad back in the Microsoft Store

Windows Notepad is one of the most popular applications contained in the Microsoft operating system. From today it is available for download again from the Microsoft Store, a few months after its withdrawal from the company.

The release of the Windows Notepad application in the Microsoft Store is released again these days, as it seems that Microsoft is not sure whether it is a good idea to keep the application in the Store or not.

The app was last removed from the Store in December 2019, and the company did not provide details about its decision.

Windows Notepad

"Thank you for all the comments you provided on the Windows Notepad version of the Store. At the moment, we have decided not to make it available to customers, "Microsoft said at the time.

Windows Notepad released in the Store has some advantages that the built-in Windows application does not have. For example, it may offer easier and more frequent updates as it does not depend on Windows updates. Notebook is currently connected to Windows, which means that all in-app updates must be included in the new Windows 10 feature updates that Microsoft releases twice a year.

So by moving Windows Notepad to the Microsoft Store, the application can be updated more often and this is obviously very good for those who use the application on a regular basis.

"Notebook is the fast and simple word processor in Windows for 30 years and is now available in the Microsoft Store! View, edit, and browse plain text documents and source code files directly, ”says the Microsoft Store description of the application.

The Store version of Notepad requires Windows 10 in version 19541 (and later), according to specifications released by Microsoft. The application continues to come for free to all users.

Download the application

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