Windows Optimizer 3.4 better memory management for fast systems

René Bengsch, a German software developer, announced the new version of Windows Optimizer 3.4.

The development of Windows Optimizer by René Bengsch and his friends is a hobby of one community on Facebook, and no company has a vested interest. So the software is free.Windows Optimizer

But each user should use it at his own risk.

What does Windows Optimizer do?

The developers' approach is: It doesn't matter how much memory a system has. Windows is always installed the same way by default.
All Windows caches are tailored to the minimum requirements of the respective version of Windows.

Windows Optimizer automatically adjusts the various Windows caches, i.e. memory areas, as well as the size of the swap file, to the available hardware (eg RAM). This makes Windows noticeably faster and also run much more stable with complex and memory-intensive applications.

Microsoft gives many recommendations on its support pages. The Windows Optimizer developers have taken this seriously and use the company's recommended values ​​for the various types to calculate cache sizes.

All Windows power savers are configured by the application optimizer. A new "hidden" energy saving package is also activated "Ultimate Performance" which is set to activate like "Rocket Boost" and disables energy saving mechanisms that affect performance.

You can download the application from the links below

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Windows Optimizer

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