Windows Search: command for very quick searches

Search: Below we will see a command that can search files for you much faster than Windows Explorer.

Searching for a file through Windows Explorer can keep it forever. But there is a much faster way if you are willing to use its command line functional you.Windows

Use the following command to search for any disc and usually end in a matter of seconds.
To open a command prompt box in Windows press together Win+R keys. In the box that opens, type cmd and press Enter.

Alternatively in the box of Windows type cmd and open the command prompt window from there.

Let's look at the command:

dir "\ iguru *" / s

If your order is Chinese, we will try to explain it below:

dir is a command used to files in the current folder, but can display files anywhere on the system.
The slash will require a search from the root of the current drive.
The / s command tells the dir to look for all the subdirectories.
Finally, the asterisk (*) is used by the command line as a wild card. So a command like * .txt will show you all the files ending in ".txt", while iguru * will show you all the filenames starting with "iguru"

Tip: To make it even simpler, what is between the quotes ("search term") is the search term you want.

That's it. Create your own command and you will be surprised at the speed of your system's search response.
Note that the command will not work on PowerShell.

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  1. I also tried the Voidtools Everything program suggested by my friend and I confess that I was impressed.
    As for dir it is good but it works under DOS with all that implies for features and usability

  2. There is always Voidtools Search Everything which offers instant search on all disks, external as well, using logical operations. One of the first programs I install on any system. It's worth covering with one of your articles!

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