Windows Server 2022 has just been released

Η Microsoft the next version of Windows Server has been released (Windows Server 2022), to its key customers.

Ο Windows Server 2022, whom the Microsoft develops over a year, is available through the Long Term Servicing Channel (LTSC) and brings many new features.

windows server 2022

Available in Standard, Datacenter and Datacenter: Azure Edition variants. As of today, it is available to the customers of the company that is in the Volume Licensing Service Center, The images of Server 2022 are still available on Azure but also on the pages of the Product Evaluation Center and Visual Studio site.

Η Microsoft informed her documentation page of life cycle for him Windows Server 2022 on August 18, indicating that the product support cycle has just begun. Basic product support will expire on October 13, 2026 and extended on October 14, 2031.

Its executives Microsoft had previously stated that the company would only release LTSC versions of Windows Server and not other half-yearly releases. These LTSC server versions will be supported for ten years (five mainstream and five extended support). THE Microsoft plans to release new versions of Windows Server every two or three years.

According to Microsoft, its users Windows Server 2022 will be able to have:

  • Advanced multi-level protection from threats that is easily activated with secured-core.
  • Secure business-to-business connectivity with an extra level of transport protection, including support for HTTPS and TLS 1.3 by default.
  • Manage Windows Server on-prem with Azure Arc
  • Better virtual machine management with the latest Windows Management Center.
  • Relocate on-premises servers to Azure with the new Storage Migration Service.
  • Improved container application deployment with smaller image size for faster download and simplified network policy implementation.
  • Update .NET applications with the new containerization tool in the Windows Admin Center.

Η Microsoft will hold a virtual Windows Server Summit on September 16, for a first in-depth public demonstration of the product.

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