Windows Shell RCE PoC exploit for Microsoft Edge

Windows Shell RCE: Here's another great reason to rush to update your system. Once a PoC exploit has been released for a vulnerability that allows remote code execution,

The security flaw exists in Microsoft Edge and as you know, after its public release it will start to be used by all aspiring hackers. Vulnerability with ID CVE-2018-8495 there is because Windows Shell does not handle appropriate special characters that can be added to a URI.Windows Shell

"There are a lot of problems with the way the product handles URIs in some formats. The product does not warn the user that any dangerous navigation is taking place, ”explains the Zero Day Initiative of Trend Micro (ZDI).

The fact that the exploit can not be performed without the user performing a specific action mitigates the severity of the vulnerability.

But with the right approach, it can be deceived by users to visit a malicious page, Beyond that, things are very simple.


Abdulrahman Al-Qabandi, who discovered the error, published a PoC showing that he was able to take advantage of the security gap. He also published the exploit code who wrote about the PoC.

Al-Qabandi reported vulnerability to Microsoft through ZDI in July, and Microsoft reportedly released security updates that will fix it on Tuesday.

The security gap affects operating systems: Windows 10, Windows Server 2016, and Windows Server on 1709 and 1803 builds.


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