Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 released the new version

With the release of Windows 10 Insider Build 18917, Microsoft released for testing the 2 (WSL 2).

So all Insiders can now upgrade WSL 1 to the new one , for better performance and much better compatibility.


WSL 2 is the next version of Microsoft Subsystem for Linux and includes a genuine open source Linux kernel (the kernel was developed by Microsoft) based on version 4.19 from As WSL 2 will use a real Linux kernel, Linux applications will now have full access to all calls.

Windows Subsystem for Linux

Be aware that this is the first public release of WSL 2, which means it can be problematic.

Before you can run Windows Subsystem for Linux 2, you must first make sure you are running Windows 10 Insider build 18917 or later.

WSL 2 runs on a , and so you should install the optional “VirtualMachinePlatform” feature first.

To install the VirtualMachinePlatform, open a PowerShell window with administrative privileges and type the following command:

Enable-WindowsOptionalFeature -Online -FeatureName VirtualMachinePlatform

After installing the feature you will be prompted to restart your system.

To see all the changes between WSL 1 and Windows Subsystem for Linux 2, you can read the article from the Microsoft official website.

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