Windows Terminal 1.4 with hyperlink and jump list support

In conjunction with the conference Ignite 2020, Microsoft released its version 1.4 Windows Terminal (Preview) with some useful new features.

In this release, Microsoft has added support for enabled hyperlinks from the console, jump list support and support for Blinking graphics performance feature.


To make it easier to start a new terminal from εργασιών και το Έναρξη, το Terminal 1.4 now supports jump lists, as shown below.



To open the jump list, click on next to the Windows terminal icon in the Start menu or right-click on the taskbar icon.

Microsoft has also added the ability to click embedded links through the terminal.

If Windows Terminal finds a built-in link, it will underline the text and display an explanation if you hover your mouse over it.

To try out the new feature in the Windows terminal, you can use the following command in PowerShell as a template for your own links:

printf “\ ​​033] 8 ;; https: // \ 033 \\ Go to iguru! \ 033] 8 ;; \ 033 \\\ n”

For those who want to try Windows Terminal Preview 1.4, you can do so by installing it from Microsoft Store. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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Written by Anastasis Vasileiadis

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