Windows Terminal new application for Windows 10

Windows Terminal: Microsoft holds the developer conference Build this week to introduce a range of new tools. One of them will be a new command line application released exclusively for Windows 10.

It's called the Windows Terminal, and will integrate all of the company's other command line tools, such as Command Prompt (cmd), PowerShell, and Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL).

The purpose of the upcoming application seems clear: Microsoft wants to offer users a central terminal application, regardless of the environment in which it is addressed.

Windows Terminal

Windows Terminal will have a number of advantages over other command line applications in Windows 10, as the company will also support emoji…

In addition, Microsoft stated that Windows Terminal will support multiple tabs. The application will have different themes.

The application will be faster according to the company for "heavy file system functions" and offers "significant benefits in terms of speed".

Of course we are not going to see Windows Terminal from tomorrow, but it will be released gradually with Windows 10.

Microsoft plans to make the app available to users of Windows Insider, which launches next month. The company has not said when it will be released for everyone, but there is a chance we will see it in the next big update of Windows 10 that will be released in the fall.




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