Windows Tor network in Firefox

Following our publication Tor network in Firefox and Chrome, where we describe how to add the Tor network to Linux distribution browsers, here we will see how you can add a Tor network to Firefox running on Windows.

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You must first install the Tor proxy service on your system. Unfortunately, no longer has a standalone Tor binary for Windows. So you will need to install the entire Tor Browser Bundle. Download it from here.

When the file is downloaded, right click on it and Run as Administrator. Finish the installation and note where you installed the application.

Caution: Do not install Tor under a user's folder, but in dir with your other applications.

Then we need to configure Tor to run as a service. Open Command Prompt as administrator. Type cmd in the Windows search and the black icon that will appear when you first right-click and run it as an administrator (Run as Administrator).

When it opens run the following commands, adding the folder where you installed the application to:

cd C: \ Program Files \ Tor Browser \ Browser \ TorBrowser \ Tor
tor.exe -service install

screenshot 2022 01 02 193932


That being said, the Windows you are using will now use the Tor network natively.

Firefox with Tor in Windows

First do this step

Open the settings and on the network tab do the following

screenshot 2022 01 02 15 55 53

Manual proxy configuration.
Port 9050 and check Proxy DNS when using SOCKS v5

Are you ready. A test will convince you. Open the page

Click OK and restart Firefox.

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