Windows Web Experience Pack in the Microsoft Store

Updating and maintaining such a complex tos like the 10 is not something simple. To make this process more flexible, reducing the size of updates and installation time, Microsoft tries to decouple different components from the core operating system and offer separate updates for them.

The Windows Web Experience Pack is one of the company's efforts.

There are already many parts of Windows that no longer require a full OS update. For example, with the new version of Microsoft Edge, the s is no longer associated with Windows Updates. Also, the company uses separate language packs.

Recently, Microsoft announced Windows Experience Packs – the latest way toof new features in the operating system without major build updates. It looks like Microsoft isn't going to stop there and is currently offering something else called the Windows Web Experience Pack.

The first version of the Windows Web Experience Pack (WWEP) has appeared in the Microsoft Store. Is for installation on computers running Windows 10 2004 (version 19041 but also newer versions). Since there is no official announcement from Microsoft about what WWEP is doing, we can assume that it will be responsible for updating key components in the operating system.

WWEP is unlikely to be associated with Microsoft Edge updates, because the browser has its own mechanisms. Unfortunately, the Store Store listing is not clear nor does it provide snapshots for extra .

You can view the latest version of the Windows Web Experience Pack at Microsoft Store. At the moment, it is only 588 KB and does not bring visible changes to the operating system.

We will let you know as soon as there is some kind of confirmation or explanation from Microsoft. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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