Windows XP is slowing down

The they are finally dying a slow death as the 2001 OS has reached its lowest rate of 2,29%.

Και ενώ όλα τα μάτια είναι στραμμένα στα 10 και στα συντόμως συνταξιοδοτούμενα Windows 7, η Microsoft εξακολουθεί να παρακολουθεί την πορεία των Windοws XP.

And there is a good reason for this: the 2001 operating system launched by 2014 and retired XNUMX, is still, surprisingly, widely used.

However, according to some new statistics provided by NetMarketShare, The are finally winding down, after a 2018 that was full of ups and downs.

A year ago, Window XP was operating at about 4,59% of desktop computers worldwide, which is a pretty big achievement for an operating system that was retired four years ago.

The strangest thing is that its market share at 2018 has improved and reached 5,04% in May, for a reason that is very difficult to explain. Window XP then followed a downward trend by dropping to 3,19% in September of 2018, but they again regained the 4,54% in December.

Since then, however, Windows XP has been in constant decline, and in March 2019 it reached its lowest market share since its retirement in 2014. The operating system currently holds just 2,29% share worldwide, and there is a good chance that the decline will continue. them, in the coming months.

If you are wondering why someone should renounce Windows XP, the answer lies in the lack of security updates and software support for them. Not only does Microsoft no longer engage in HP vulnerabilities, but third-party application support is missing, so most of the programs running on this operating system are already obsolete.

And as Wind Winds 7 looks like, they will follow the same story as Windows Window XP, and it will take several years for them to completely erase. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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  1. The demand for XR is not so incomprehensible. Many people bought the ultra-small laptops (take people with a scalpel), with pre-installed win10 that worked and did not work for a month and then got stuck because they wanted a son and well upgrades that simply did not fit in the minimal memory space they had. And instead of the SSD being in a replaceable form. If it was stuck on the motherboard it is not upgraded with anything. So put XP that are small and fast to do your job. I have the feeling that today a version of windows is missing that is small and light, and can be updated without giants in receiving the upgrades. There are many computers without damage and with old technology that can not work with the current requirements of win10.

    • I totally agree, but Microsoft probably thinks differently, in the spirit of consumption. They probably can't imagine that there are people who don't have the latest hardware, or who can't upgrade their devices.

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