Windows have 5 shortcuts?

Can you imagine a five-key keyboard shortcut? Below we will look at some weird Windows shortcuts.

Windows has a lot of easy-to-use keyboard shortcuts. Did you know that some of these shortcuts use up to 5 keys for some very specific actions?


First, let's look at a series of weird shortcuts that pop up different sites. Yes, Windows has built-in keyboard shortcuts that take you to different sites.

All of these shortcuts share the four keys: Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Win. Holding these keys together with the following will take you to different sites:

  • L: Opens the LinkedIn homepage.
  • N: Opens the web version of OneNote (If OneNote is installed, open the program!)
  • Y: Opens the Yammer homepage.
  • Any Numpad key: opens.

For example, Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Win + Y will open the Yammer website.

Windows shortcuts that open programs

Here are the overkill keyboard shortcuts that open different programs on your computer. All of these programs are part of the Microsoft Office suite, so if you do not have them installed, you will be redirected to the Office webpage.

  Alt shortcuts for entering special characters

All of these shortcuts share the four keys: Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Win.

Holding down these keys along with the following will open the programs:

D: A new File Explorer window opens with OneDrive selected.
O: Opens OutLook Inbox.
P: Opens a new slide in PowerPoint.
T: Microsoft Teams opens.
W: Opens a blank Word document.
X: Opens a blank Excel spreadsheet

For example, Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Win + W opens a blank Word document.

So these are some very big and specific keyboard shortcuts for Windows. Some may find them surprisingly useful, and still others very entertaining but trivial.

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