Windows10Debloater remove bloatware with one click

It is well known that Windows 10 comes with bloatware. It's something that Microsoft is used to with its operating systems.


Windows 10 has a bunch of useless applications and games. In addition to installed games, Microsoft also installs applications that an average user is very unlikely to use eg. 3D Builder.

All this can be removed, but it takes a long time. Below we will see how you can easily do it with a PowerShell script. Script will remove all bloatware from Windows 10 without spoiling your system.

It is called Windows10Debloater and is available from Github.

There are many applications to remove bloatware from Windows 10, but this script is quite reliable. You will not need to install an application to remove other applications. The PowerShell script will remove bloatware with one click and will also clean the Windows registry.

Let's see which apps will be removed automatically:

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3DBuilder, Appconnector, Bing Finance, Bing News, Bing Sports, Bing Weather, Fresh Paint, Get started, Microsoft Office Hub, Microsoft Solitaire Collection, Microsoft Sticky Notes, OneNote, OneConnect, People, Skype for Desktop, Alarms, Camera, Maps, Phone, SoundRecorder, Store, XboxApp, Zune Music, Zune Video, Windows communications apps, Minecraft, PowerBI, Network Speed ​​Test, Phone, Messaging, Office Sway, OneConnect, Windows Feedback Hub, Bing Food And Drink, Bing Travel, Bing Health And Fitness, Windows Reading List, Twitter, Pandora, Flipboard, Shazam, CandyCrush, CandyCrushSoda, King apps, iHeartRadio, Netflix, DrawboardPDF, PicsArt-PhotoStudio, FarmVille 2 Country Escape, TuneInRadio, Asphalt8, NYT Mediaword, CyL Royal Revolt 2, Caesars Slots Free Casino, March of Empires, Phototastic Collage, Autodesk SketchBook, Duolingo, EclipseManager, ActiproSoftware, BioEnrollment, Windows Feedback, Xbox Game CallableUI, Xbox Identity Provider, and C ontactSupport.

After downloading the script, you can right-click on it and run it with PowerShell, but to work, you'll need to change the PowerShell execution policy before you can make changes to your system.

The two functions running the script are: Silent and Interactive.

Function Silent handles everything for you while running interactive will ask you if you want to create a restore point,

To run the script open PowerShell as an administrator. In the window that will open, copy and paste the following command and press Enter. The files you need from GitHub will be downloaded automatically, and a system restore point will be created.

iwr -useb|iex

The script will remove all bloatware from Windows 10. It will not ask you if you want to keep specific applications or not.

If you want to do all the above yourself download the script to your computer.

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