WinPot makes ATMs work as slots

WinPot: Security researchers have discovered one strange malware for an ATM which turns money theft into a slot machine. Yes like these games you find in casinos.

On Tuesday, security team Kaspersky Labs announced the appearance of WinPot, a family of malware that attacks ATMs. The new malware first appeared in underground forums in March 2018.WinPot

Although simple in its main function, WinPot - internally referred to by Kaspersky as ATMPot - is designed to break into the ATMs of a popular ATM company. After the infection it forces the machines to empty their cartridges of all the money they contain.

The appearance of malware is what makes it very unusual, as it looks like a slot machine.

The screen displayed by the ATM includes four reels numbered from 1 to 4.

There is a button with the indication "rotation", which when pressed, begins the redemption of cash. The "stop" button stops withdrawing cash, while the "scan" resets the "game" and re-examines a machine for cash availability. (The stop will probably be the button that will be used less…)

The malware developer on the Dark Web is already advertising WinPot version 3, which also includes a refreshed display and a new feature called "ShowMeMoney."

WinPot bears similarities to Cutlet Maker, a malware that must be loaded into a USB port and connected to an ATM via a USB port. Once loaded, malware breaks up the system while a simulator mimics transactions to force the machine to give cash.

Kaspersky Lab recognizes WinPot as Backdoor.Win32.ATMPot.gen




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