WinStars 3.0.270 (2022/12/15) The Universe on your PC

WinStars is one running on computers, και κινητά. Είναι ένας 3D προσομοιωτής που εμφανίζει με ακρίβεια τα ουράνια at a given moment.

geological map of the moon

It also allows you to travel to our galaxy as well as its neighborhood. A thread dedicated to science news allows you to track and display in the software the results of research currently being conducted in astrophysics.


WinStars is an ever-evolving software. New features are added regularly to make it an ultimate educational tool dedicated to the discovery of our Universe.



(Warning: using WinStars 3 on Windows 7 may cause serious compatibility problems).


On Play :

macOS X

on App Store:


Ubuntu 20.04 x64 LTS or later

Release 3.0.270 (2022/12/15):
Follow them instructions

Raspberry Pi 4 (Raspberry Pi OS)

Release 3.0.259 (2022/06/26): Follow them instructions The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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