WLinux the new distribution specifically for Windows 10 costs

WLinux: The Windows Subsystem for Linux in Windows 10 allows Microsoft operating system users to run Linux distributions through Windows 10. So far, it has been possible to run Ubuntu, Debian, and Kali distributions.

It looks like a new distribution has been developed optimized specifically for Windows 10 and Windows Subsystem for Linux.WLinux

The new distribution is called WLinux, and focuses on the packages associated with the Windows Subsystem for Linux, as well as the customizations needed to take full advantage of this feature of Windows 10.

"Given the high degree of adaptability of Linux, I thought a new WSL distribution should be created with reasonable defaults for use in WSL. I found and implemented an initial set of customizations and features that could be used by many distribution developers as a starting point for their own installation, says the founder of the Whitewater Foundry that developed the distribution.

But what is important to mention is that WLinux is available through Microsoft Store does not come for free. It costs $ 19,99, and at the moment there is a 50% discount, ie it comes to $ 10. Of course we do not recommend buying it, unless you are a developer and find a good idea to use it in a project.

The WLinux distribution includes support for most του Linux, εργαλεία ανάπτυξης όπως τα shell zsh, git, python 3.7 (όλα προεγκατεστημένα), wslu και πρόσθετα scripts για εφαρμογές όπως το Google Chrome, το Visual and pip3 for python.

The development team promises "faster fixes than any upstream Linux-specific WSL errors" and says many unnecessary packages, such as systemd, have been removed for added stability and security.


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