WoeUSB installation on Debian 11 for Windows Bootable USB

In an earlier post we showed how you can install it WoeUSB in Debian 10. Today we will see how you can get the application in Debian 11 in a much easier way.

From time to time we have published different ways of creating Windows Bootable USB. One of the methods was without tools, using only the terminal and a Windows ISO image.

Below we will see how you can create a Windows Bootable USB using an application called WoeUSB.

Logically the same method should work on all Ubuntoids. Try and write us the results in the comments.

Let's get started, open a terminal and update your system.

sudo apt update

Then install the dependencies for WoeUSB-ng

There are some packages needed to install WoeUSB such as python-pip, git, and pzip if you do not have one.

sudo apt install git p7zip-full python3-pip python3-wxgtk4.0

When the installation is complete run the following command:

sudo pip3 install WoeUSB-ng

screenshot 2021 08 20 19 49 25

Are you ready. Open the menu and in the applications search for WoeUSB


It is easy to use, it will not be difficult for you. Select Windows ISO, and USB. If you do not see USB, click Refresh. When everything is there click "Install" as in the image below:

screenshot 2021 08 20 20 02 29

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